仙人掌防曬精華液+CC粉底面霜 (*含有機認證成份) Cactus Anti-UV Serum & CC Cream (*Contains Certified Organic Ingredients) 30ml each

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仙人掌:  含一萬多種養份,保濕, 增加彈性,成份中的凱茵庭可活化細胞, 產生膠原蛋白,延緩老化, 抗紫外線輻射.

紅景天:  抗紫外線輻射,抗擊色素沉澱,防止衰老,免疫調節,紅景天生長在海拔1700-2500米氣候多變的惡劣環境、生命力極強,大自然賦予了它其他植物所沒有獨特功能。

Cactus: Cactus contains more than 10,000 kinds of nutrients, moisturizing, increase elasticity, its composition can activate the dermal fibroblasts, produce collagen , anti-aging, cactus has anti-UV effect.

Rhodiola: Anti-UV, prevent pigmentation, prevent skin aging, regulate immune, Rhodiola is growing at altitude of 1700-2500 meters in bad environment.  Strong vitality, has unique living nature.

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功效:日用防曬, 改善膚色, 活化細胞, 水潤,  抗氧化,抗皺纹, 緊致
精華液主要成分:(*含 Ecocert 有機認證成分)仙人掌紅景天常春藤, *有機蘆薈,*有機黃菊維生素E, *有機精油.
面霜主要成分:    (*含 Ecocert 有機認證成分)仙人掌,紅景天,*有機蘆薈,*有機黃菊 ,維生素E, *有机植物組合油 *有機精油.


使用:搖勻,取適量精華液和面霜, 塗抹到整個臉和眼區。

BENEFITS: Anti-UV, Improve Skin Tone, Activate Cells, Super Moisture, Induce Collagen, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Wrinkle, Firming

MAIN INGREDIENTS OF SERUM:       Cactus, Rhodiola, *Organic Aloe Vera, *Organic Chamomile, Vit E, *Organic Essential Oil etc.
MAIN INGREDIENTS OF CREAM: Cactus, Rhodiola, *Organic Aloe Vera, *Organic Chamomile, Vit E, *Organic Plant Cold Pressed Oil, *Organic Essential Oil etc.

SUITABLE for all normal skin type.

APPLICATION:  Shake well, use appropriate amount of serum and cream, apply to whole face and eye area.

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