常春藤咖啡因緊致精華液+面霜 (*含有機認證成份) Ivy Caffeine Firming Serum+Cream (*Contains Certified Organic Ingredients) 30ml each

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常春藤:  含皂角甙,收縮血管,抗炎,改善皮膚臃腫。強力殺菌消毒功效,具收斂作用,可去頭皮屑。 與海藻萃取液並用,可改善肥胖所引起的皮膚鬆弛.

海藻:  增生膠原蛋白,增加肌膚彈性, 具有類似肉毒桿菌效果。含大量天然柔潤因數,抗自由基,使肌膚嫩白.

咖啡因:減肥, 分解脂肪, 減輕脂肪團(促進脂肪溶解).   用於眼睛區域,去眼袋排水腫,緊致皮膚。

Ivy: containing saponins, contraction of blood vessels, anti-inflammatory, improve skin puffiness,  strong disinfection effect, with a disinfected effect, anti-dandruff.   Use with seaweed can improve skin sagging due to fat.

Seaweed: Induce collagen, increase skin elasticity, with a similar Botox effect.  Contains a lot of natural softening factor, anti-free radical, whitening.

Caffeine:  Slimming and anti-cellulite by its lipolytic properties (facilitates the dissolution of fat deposits). Caffeine is also used for eye area , to fight against the pockets, drain and firm the skin.

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精華液主要成分:(*含法國有機認證成分)常春藤, 海藻, 法國抗鬆弛植物萃取, 咖啡因,*有機蘆薈,*有機花水, *有機精油,維生素E等。
面霜主要成分:(*含法國有機認證成分)常春藤, 海藻, *有機蘆薈,*有機精油,*有機植物組合油,維生素E等。
適合: 正常至成熟皮膚。

Firming, Anti-Sagging, Oval Facial, Eye Contour, Anti-Swelling, Moisture.

(*Contains Certified Organic Ingredients)
MAIN INGREDIENTS OF SERUM: Ivy, Algae, French Anti-Sagging Plant Extract, Caffeine, *Organic Aloe Vera, *Organic Floral Water, *Organic Essential Oil, Vit E etc.
MAIN INGREDIENTS OF CREAM: Ivy, Algae, *Organic Aloe Vera, *Organic Floral Water, *Organic Essential Oil, *Organic Plant Combination Oil, Vit E etc.
SUITABLE for normal to mature skin type
APPLICATION:  Shake well, apply Serum to whole face and eye area, follow by face cream

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