櫻花 類Botox 去皺精華液+面霜 (*含有機認證成份) Sakura Alike Botox Serum & Face Cream (*Contains Certified Organic Ingredients) 30ml each

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Sakura Extract (櫻花萃取液)
1. 抗糖化作用:咖啡油葡萄糖和槲皮素葡萄糖苷都有極強的抑制糖化AGE產生的作用。調整膠原蛋白矩陣排列。
2. 含植物類黃酮, 保持嫩白紅潤明亮改善黯沉,緊致並改善細紋狀。
3. 櫻花裏含有的多酚、黃酮類精華,具有抑制皺紋形成和皮膚鬆弛、促進纖維芽細胞的膠原格子形成作用.

含胜肽,抗氧化劑和抗糖化物質, 兩種強力抗氧化劑.

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功效:類Botox, 抗老化抗糖化,抗皺,細胞恢復,緊緻,抗氧化,美白,補水分。
精華液主要成分:(*含法國有機認證成分)櫻花,藻類,胜肽,*有機蘆薈,*有機花水, *有機精油,維生素E等。
適合: 正常至乾性皮膚。

BENEFITS:  Alike Botox, Anti-Glycation, Anti-Wrinkle, Cell Rejuvenating, Firming, Anti-Oxidant, Brightening, Moisture.
(*Contains Certified Organic Ingredients)
MAIN INGREDIENTS OF SERUM: Sakura, Algae, Copper Peptide, *Organic Aloe Vera, *Organic Floral Water, *Organic Essential Oil, Vit E etc.
MAIN INGREDIENTS OF CREAM: Sakura, Algae, *Organic Aloe Vera, *Organic Floral Water, *Organic Essential Oil, *Organic Plant Combination Oil, Vit E etc.
SUITABLE for normal to dry skin.
APPLICATION:  Shake well, apply Serum to whole face and eye area, follow by face cream

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