蓖麻油生髮洗頭皂 More Hair Shampoo Bar

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Bioby More Hair Shampoo Bar 與洗髮水有什麼區別? More Hair Shampoo Bar 含有15%可以滋養和修復頭髮的蓖麻油和山茶油 (一般液體洗髮水不含有這麼多的營養油).

洗後頭髮會豐滿但不會油膩,乾後容易梳理, 不需使用護髮素,因為護髮素通常含有能刺激傷害頭皮的陽離子和矽。 無需包裝在塑料瓶,環保。

最重要的是蓖麻油和山茶油可以促進頭髮的生長。環保:  沒有塑料瓶, 可生物降解.

What is the difference between Bioby More Hair Shampoo Bar and Shampoo? More Hair Shampoo Bar contains 15% Castor and Camellia oils that nourish and repair hair (liquid shampoos do not contain so much nourishment, Environmental friendly:  No plastic bottles, biodegradable.)

Volumized after washing, not greasy, easy to comb when dry without the use of conditioner, conditioner usually contains cations and silicon that can stimulate and harm the scalp.

Castor Oil and Camellia Oil can promote hair growth.

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蓖麻油生髮洗頭皂,是形狀似番皂但不是番皂的固體洗髮用品,含人所共知可生髮的蓖麻油,山茶油, 椰子, Vit B5, 蠶絲蛋白等修護成份.  蓖麻油有效減少脫髮,促進毛髮生長,因為它含抗菌抗霉分子有助頭皮保持健康,日常使用能促進頭皮血液循環,可改善髮質脆弱。清爽柔順,清潔力佳,不會頭痕, 物料環保,不刺激因起泡劑是由天然椰子油提煉, 泡沫幼滑如奶油,不含SLS, 不含防腐劑,不含Silicon, 不含氫氧化鈉。蓖麻油用於防脱髮助生髮是自古以來的古方, 專家一致推崇。一塊約 100g 左右可用約60 次.



Castor Oil Hair Wash Soap is a solid shampoo that looks like soap but not soap.  Contained castor oil, camellia oil, coconut, Vit B5, silk protein that are known to be germinated.  Castor Oil effectively reduce hair loss, promote hair growth, because it contains antibacterial anti-fungal molecules help keep scalp healthy, daily use can promote scalp blood circulation, can improve hair fragility.  Fresh and supple, good cleaning power, no itchy, environmental friendly, no irritation. Because the foaming agent is made from natural coconut oil, the foam is smooth and creamy, no SLS, no preservatives, no Silicon, no Sodium Hydroxide.  Castor oil is used to prevent hair loss, help hair growth since antiquity, the researchers highly recommended.  A piece of about 100 gram  can be used 60 times.

How to use:
Shampoo while massage on the scalp for a while, no need to use conditioner after wash, optional repeat.


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