金縷梅控油精華液+面霜 (*含有機認證成份) Witch Hazel Oil Control Serum+Cream (*Contains Certified Organic Ingredients) 30ml each

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銀杏:  修復肌膚, 幫助血液迴圈不良,抗氧化,可減少自由基。預防敏感反應,尤其是光敏感反應。

Witch Hazel: Has wood scent, reduce acne, oil control, anti-allergic, anti-bacteria, anti-inflammatory, tighten pores, ease edema, face-lift effect.

Ginkgo: repair skin, help blood circulation, anti-oxidation, reduce free radicals. Prevent sensitive reactions, especially light sensitive reactions.

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功效:減少暗瘡,改善血液循環,抗氧化劑,減少浮腫,滋潤保水. 瘦臉效果

精華液主要成分:(*含法國有機認證成分)金縷梅銀杏, 薰衣草, *有機蘆薈,*有機花水, *有機精油,維生素E等。
面霜主要成分:(*含法國有機認證成分)金縷梅銀杏, 薰衣草, *有機蘆薈,*有機精油,*有機植物組合油,維生素E等。
適合: 正常至成熟皮膚。

Reduce Acne, Improve Blood Circulation, Oil Control, Anti-Oxidant, Reduce Puffiness, Moisturize.

(*Contains Certified Organic Ingredients)
MAIN INGREDIENTS OF SERUM: Witch Hazel, Gingko, Lavandar, *Organic Aloe Vera, *Organic Floral Water, *Organic Essential Oil, Vit E etc.
MAIN INGREDIENTS OF CREAM: Witch HazelGingko, Lavander, *Organic Aloe Vera, *Organic Floral Water, *Organic Essential Oil, *Organic Plant Combination Oil, Vit E etc.
SUITABLE for normal to mature skin type
APPLICATION:  Shake well, apply Serum to whole face and eye area, follow by face cream

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