雪仙堂 – 天然紫草膏 (含有机認証成分) Comfrey Ointment (*Contains Certified Organic Ingredients) 15g

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紫草膏又名紫雲膏,原名為[生肌玉紅膏],原是明朝時期藥書的處方。現收錄入《中華藥典》中。它具有抗菌消炎消除痤瘡色斑改善膚質的作用。對於粗糙,乾燥敏感的皮膚以及日曬斑都有一定好處。 皮炎、主婦手、皮膚乾裂、燙傷、刀傷、搔癢、昆蟲咬傷、祛痘、淡化痘印、色素沉著都可以使用。

Lithospermum cream, also known as Ziyun cream, formerly known as [myogenic jade red cream], the original Ming Dynasty pharmacy prescription. Are included in the “Chinese Pharmacopoeia” . It has anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory to eliminate acne stains, to improve skin. For rough, dry sensitive skin and sunburn. Dermatitis, housewives hand, skin chapped, scalded, stab wounds, itching, insect bites, acne,

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功効:   蚊蟲叮咬、濕疹、過敏、祛痘、皮膚瘙癢, 驅蚊


紅條紫草*有机薰衣草  *有机香矛.

無化學添加或藥物,沒有添加冰片, 薄荷腦等刺激性成份. 純天然植物低溫製作

使用方法:清潔皮膚後,取適量直接塗抹至吸收。可用於身體, 手或臉部.


BENEFITS:  Relieve mosquito bites, eczema, allergies, acne, itching,  repels mosquito

SUITABLE:  For all skin types


(*Contains Certified Organic Ingredients)

Arnabeia Radix, *Organic Lemongrass, *Organic lavender

No chemical additives or drugs, no borneol, menthol and irritating ingredients.

Application: After cleaning the skin, take appropriate amount, apply to affected skin.  Can be used on the body, hands or face.


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