魚子珍珠CC霜 Caviar Pearl CC Face Cream (30ml)

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Caviar extract contains a high concentration of roe extract, is the perfect treasure of the skin. It contains natural and effective anti-aging ingredients, help to maintain the skin’s youthful beauty. It also contains a lot of amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, unique bio-seafood cell stimulants and DNA, can play an unprecedented anti-aging effect. It can maintain and activate the important function of the skin, rebuild the skin tissue and repair the damaged skin, effectively tighten tired and loose skin, restore the beautiful bright skin.

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功效:  覆蓋斑點和細紋,均勻膚色,光滑,抗污染,緊實,減斑, 隔離防曬.

適用:  任何肌膚

主要成分:  魚子精華,小分子膠原、葉綠素、納米珍珠白松露萃取、胎盤精華, 組合保濕液 (法國進口), 精油等


BENEFITS:  Covering spots and fine lines, even skin tone, smooth, anti-pollution, firming, anti-sunscreen.

SUITABLE:  All skin type

INGREDIENTS:  Caviar Essence, Collagen, Chlorophyll, Nano Pearl Powder, White Truffle Extract, Placenta Essence, Hydration Complex (from France), Essential Oil etc.

Application:  After cleansing, toning and serum, take appropriate amount, gently apply to whole face.

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