24K納米黃金潔面啫喱 24K Nano Gold Face Cleansing Gel (50g)

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 24K納米金  24K NANO GOLD

具有抗發炎,抑菌,排毒,促進血液循環,鎮靜舒緩和抗老的功效,經過微縮科技的納米金,具有極佳的活性成分,促進肌膚的新陳代謝,擁有神奇的再生能力和強化細胞的免疫系統,其中因為含有鎂,對於蛋白質的合成及能量的產生,金夠安定性,不會受到外物的影響而被氧化,不容易造成敏感。當純金奈米化到極小單位時,會帶有電位,能透過電位傳達活性氧,達到很好的抗氧化功能,增加對環境的抵抗力,氧化問題減少,自然能延緩老化現象。與獨特載體相結合,能讓養分穿透深層肌膚,發揮抗老以及提升能量功效, 抗紫外線UVA/UVB的功能.

古埃及的帕特拉女王已經註意到每天晚上使用24K金面霜來增強她已經迷人的美。在古羅馬,24K金用於藥膏和面霜,用於各種皮膚護理。在古代中醫,24K金用於皮膚美容。 清朝的女王每天都在她的臉上使用金按摩滾筒。


With anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, detoxification, promote blood circulation, calm and soothing and anti-aging effect, after micro-nano gold technology, with excellent active ingredients, promote skin metabolism, with magical regenerative capacity. Strengthen the immune system, which contains magnesium, for the synthesis of protein and energy production. Gold is stable, will not be oxidized by the impact of external matter, not easily sensitive. When the nanocrystallization of pure gold to a very small unit, can be transmitted through the potential of reactive oxygen species, to achieve good antioxidant function, increase resistance to the environment, reduce the oxidation problem, can delay the aging phenomenon. Combined with a unique carrier, allows nutrients penetrate deep skin, play anti-aging and enhance energy efficiency, anti-UV UVA / UVB function.

Cleopatra of ancient Egypt has been noted for having used a 24K Gold Mask every night to enhance her already captivating beauty.  In ancient Rome, 24K gold was used in salves and serums, for a variety of skin care.  In ancient Chinese medicine, 24K gold was used, and is still used as an anchor to youth.  The queen of the Ch’ing dynasty is recorded to have used a gold massage roller on her face daily.

Now you can join to use this long time historic 24K gold in cosmetics.


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功效:   含24K納米純金,在卸除淡妝的同時讓皮膚得到極好的滋潤。去黑暗啞,讓皮膚看起來通透亮白。卸妝潔面二合一可深度清潔肌膚,深入每個毛孔,令肌膚清爽舒適。添加了植物中提取的保濕成分,卸妝潔面後肌膚感覺柔軟舒適。不含任何添加劑,無刺激,適合皮膚敏感的人

適合肌膚:  適用任何肌膚

主要成分:納米金箔,  組合保濕液 (法國進口), 精油等

使用方法:取適量混和少許水於手中起泡, 清潔面部,用温和水诜诤。


BENEFITS:  Contains 24K gold by nano-technology.  Removal of makeup as well provide moisture.  Reduce dull skin tone, skin looks transparent, brightening, fresh and comfortable.   Contains moisturizing gold-leave plant extract.  Does not contain any additives, no stimulation, suitable for sensitive skin.

SUITABLE:  For all skin types

MAIN INGREDIENTS:  24K Nano Gold, hydration Complex (from France), essential oil et.

APPLICATION:  Take appropriate mix of water in the hands, clean the face, rinse with mild water.



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