蝦青素去皺緊緻眼霜 Astaxanthin Eye Cream (30g)

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天然防曬劑和抗氧化劑。 它減輕色素沉著和增亮皮膚。 可以增加皮膚新陳代謝,保持水分40%。 通過增加水分含量,皮膚能夠增加其彈性,柔軟性和減少細紋。 用於乳液,口紅等。蝦青素抵抗輻射. 人體的衰老,主要是由於自由基所造成的氧化所至。而紅球藻萃取物特殊的分子構造,可以穿越人體細胞外壁,直接清除細胞內的氧自由基,增強細胞再生能力,維持人體機能平衡和減少衰老細胞的堆積,由內而外保護細胞和DNA健康。眾所周知,抗氧化的成分一直都在進步:第一代抗氧化的成分是維生素類;第二代抗氧化是β-胡蘿蔔素、輔酶Q10、SOD之類;第三代抗氧化是花青素、葡萄籽、藍莓提取物、綠茶素、硫辛酸、番茄紅素之類;第四代抗氧化成分就是天然蝦青素!


Efficacy: Astaxanthin. Acts as a natural sun block agent and an antioxidant. It lightens the pigmentation & brightens the skin. Can increase skin metabolism and retain moisture by 40%. By increasing the moisture level, the skin is able to increase its elasticity, suppleness and reduce fine lines. Used in cream, lotion, lipstick etc. The aging of the human body, mainly due to the oxidation caused by free radicals. The special molecular structure of the Haematococcus sp. Extract, go thru the outer wall of human cells, directly scavenges oxygen to free radicals in the cells, enhances cell regeneration, maintains body balance and reduces the accumulation of aging cells, protects cells and DNA from the inside out. The first generation of antioxidants is vitamins. The second generation of antioxidants is beta-carotene, coenzyme Q10, SOD and the like; the third generation of antioxidant is anthocyanin, Grape seed, blueberry extract, green tea, lipoic acid, lycopene and the like; the fourth generation of antioxidant ingredients is natural astaxanthin!

Derived from natural, non-genetically modified strains of Haematococcus pluvialis algae


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令眼周肌膚緊緻柔滑, 抗衰老。補充水份,重建肌膚水份。減少幼紋及皺紋。減退眼部的浮腫及黑眼圈,撫平細紋。提高彈性和活力,改善膚色,


主要成分:艾地苯蝦青素海藻金縷梅, 維生素A蛋白透明質酸,  組合保濕液 (法國進口), 精油等.

使用方法:取適量均勻塗於眼部,從眼尾輕輕按壓到眼頭, 按摩至完全吸收.


BENEFITS:  Tightening, anti-aging, replenishing moisture.  Reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  Diminish eye swelling and dark circles, smooth fine lines.  Improve elasticity and vitality, improve skin tone.

SUITABLE:  For all skin types.

MAIN INGREDIENTS:  Adenophene, astaxanthin, seaweed extract, witch hazel, vitamin A, protein, hyaluronic acid, Hydration Complex (from France), Essential Oil etc.

APPLICATIONS:  Apply evenly to the eye area, gently massage to absorb.

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