人參珍珠CC霜 Ginseng Pearl CC Face Cream (30g)

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It has variety of nutrients, can increase the vitality of cells, delay aging. Inhibition of melanin production. Can make the skin soft and delicate, to prevent skin relaxation, reduce facial wrinkles. Can expand the skin capillaries, promote skin blood circulation, enhance skin nutrition, prevent skin dehydration, hardening, wrinkling, thus enhancing the skin’s elasticity, the cells get new, to protect the skin smooth and moisture, prevent premature aging. To the cosmetic effect. We can see the general ginseng workers, their hands are particularly smooth, of course, they do not pampered to their hands, but they are cleaned every day by ginseng. It is because of regular contact with ginseng, the skin becomes delicate and smooth, showing that ginseng does have a good stimulating effect on the skin. Ginseng main components are ginsenosides, a small amount of volatile oil, various amino acids and peptides, glucose, fructose, pectin and vitamin B1, B2, niacin, pantothenic acid and so on. Ginseng extract can be slowly absorbed by skin.



用作抗衰老產品,以防止UV和其他環境暴露所造成的損害。 它有助於改善皮膚紋理,色調,清晰度和小化毛孔。

Can be used as anti-aging products to prevent damage that occurs from UV as well as other environmental exposures.  It helps to improve skin texture, tone, clarity and to minimize the pores.


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覆蓋斑點和細紋,均勻膚色,光滑,抗污染,緊實,減斑, 隔離防曬.

主要成分:  珍珠粉, 人參萃取,  蘆薈植物萃取,  透明質酸,  熊果苷,  維生素E,   維生素B3,  二氧化鈦組合保濕液 (法國進口), 精油等.


使用方法:潔面爽膚後,取適量輕柔塗抹.  或可先塗面霜.

Covering spots and fine lines, uniform color, smooth, anti-pollution, tightening, reduce spots, sunscreen.

INGREDIENTS:  pearl powder, ginseng extract, aloe vera plant extracts, hyaluronic acid, arbutin, vitamin E, vitamin B3, titanium dioxide,  HYDRATION COMPLEX (FROM FRANCE), essential oils etc.

SUITABLE:  For all type of skin

APPLICATION:  After cleansing and toning, apply proper amount gently on skin.


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