多肽抗衰老膠囊 Peptides Anti-Aging Capsules (10 pcs)

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如果你是皺紋比較明顯,皮膚比較鬆馳的,要趁皮膚慢慢走向衰老前預防的,真的不能錯過它, 剛開始擦臉時有點油,因為膠囊的質地都是油質狀態的, 但兩三分鐘馬上就吸收了, 吸收後皮膚很清爽,完全不會黏黏的。Epidermal Growth Factor 是一種表皮生長因子,, 有修復皮膚的功能,28天是一個皮膚週期,在這過程,慢慢排出肌膚毒素修復肌膚, 皮膚長時間整天受各種污染,空氣污染,汽車排量污染等造成皮膚底子一堆垃圾. 你可能以為使用後皮膚不濕潤, 基實是真正吸收到深層肌膚, 真正給肌膚底層喝水!

Nutritional value beyond the big brands!
If you are more obvious wrinkles, skin slacken, to prevent skin slowly aging, do not miss it. You may feel oily when apply, because the texture of the capsule are oil state, but just few minutes will be absorbed, the skin is very refreshing, not sticky. Epidermal Growth Factor has the function of repairing the skin, 28 days is a skin renewal cycle, in this process, slowly expel the skin toxins to repair the skin, due to various pollution, resulting in a pile of garbage in the skin to be expel. It is really absorbed deep into the skin, the real bottom of the skin to drink water!

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功效: 保濕滋潤、美白嫩膚、淡化色斑、修復過敏、紅血絲、去痘印,解決毛孔粗大/暗沉發黃/乾燥細紋/封閉粉刺等!促進細胞新生,皮膚新陳代謝.

適合膚質: 所有膚質,改善鬆弛肌膚,毛孔粗大,膚色不均勻,和老化狀態,和暗黃疲倦等肌膚。不用擔心油質皮膚不適合,吸收很快,不用兩三分鐘就吸收了.

主要成分: 含諾貝爾獎的 表皮生長因子  Epidermal Growth Factor, 24K納米金,  二勝肽, 三勝肽,四勝肽,  五勝肽,六勝肽,七勝肽,九勝肽,透明質酸

使用方法:用剪刀剪最突出部位, 爽膚水補濕之後,輕輕按摩直至吸收即可.  一星期用二或三晚, 毎晚使用一颗  (皮肤的更新周期為28天, 用28天後停用一個月, 再重復用)


注意: 不能與含果酸護膚品共用


BENEFIT:  Moisturizing, whitening rejuvenation, fade dark spots, reduce allergies, redness, reduce acne/pores, reduce fine lines, reduce acne etc. Promote cell regeneration, skin metabolism.

SUITABLE:  For all skin types, large pores, uneven skin color, sign of aging, dark yellow tired skin.  Absorb quickly in two or three minutes.

Contains the Nobel Prize Epidermal Growth Factor, 24K nano gold, two peptides, three peptides, four peptides, five peptides, six peptides, seven peptides, nine peptides, hyaluronic acid.

APPLICATION:  Apply after cleansing and toning, use a scissor to cut the most prominent area, gently massage until absorbed.

MASK:  Apply a capsule and then apply mask.

#NOTE:  Cannot be used with fruit acid skin care products.

Apply two or three times a week, one capsule each time  (Skin renewal period is 28 days, suspension one month after 28 days of usage, and then repeat).


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